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Back Story: The Mountain Farmer

  • Author: By Ted Wilcox
  • Credits: Photography courtesy Ted Wilcox
  • Published: September 22, 2011
  • Ministry: JESUS Film
  • Location: Guatemala

My trip to Guatemala was one of the most difficult trips I’ve ever endured. I got sick twice, first with “Montezuma’s revenge” and eventually bronchitis. The remote location, the steep terrain and the confusing translation from Q’eqchi’ to Spanish to English all added to the challenges. Even our rented SUV overheated, broke down twice and had to be replaced.

Yet the more I (left, with writer Amber Kinneer and Oscar and his family) spent time with Oscar Tíul, it was obvious that the Lord was using him in a very special way. We knew without a doubt that we needed to tell the story of this humble, loving and joyful farmer.

I also wanted to help him personally. Only one other time in my nine years traveling with Worldwide Challenge has this occurred. Oscar and his family have great needs. I believe God supernaturally places me in peoples’ lives to be a voice for those who don’t have one.

I have dedicated some time raising awareness and money for Oscar. People responded: One friend is praying about how to donate a motorcycle. The struggles we encountered pale in comparison to what ultimately became one of my most exciting and successful assignments yet.


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