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Overcoming Defeat

A Mongolian military man learns Christ can remove his discouragement.

Lt. Col. Gankhuleg was 50 years old when he stumbled into his director’s office drunk and threatened him. He received a six-month suspension.

“That day was not an accident,” the Mongolian officer remembers. “It was the outcome of all the years of drinking.”

Gankhuleg (left, on right) immersed his discouragement and shame in more drinking. His family sent him to a rehabilitation facility and asked his sister for help. She told him about Jesus and took him to church. He placed his faith in Christ and, when his wife and son noticed the changes in his life, they placed their faith in Christ, too.

Now, Gankhuleg, 55, continues to communicate God’s love. He spoke at the first-ever Mongolian Military Christian Conference sponsored by Centurions, the name for Cru Military in Mongolia. As a result, military Christian fellowships were started in three new regions.


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